Inside the Mind of a Five Year Old Bible Reader

I promise to finish telling about this homeschool journey we have been on within the next few days, but I just had to share something funny that happened this morning.

First let me say that my daughter likes to play the Lego video games and that one of her favorites is Indiana Jones. A few months ago, I was discussing with someone how Jesus cleared out the temple and something was mentioned about having a picture of him fashioning a whip and clearing them out Indiana Jones style by flipping the tables over with a whip. My daughter overheard this and was quite intrigued by it – picturing Indiana Jones Jesus, hat and all! 🙂

Anyway, back to this morning. We pulled out our Bibles to read in the morning and turned to Ephesians 6:10-18 for our morning reading. I had the idea that I would help her picture this concept by pulling up a picture of a knight in armor to help her see exactly what Paul was describing to his readers. It worked! She was excited to help me point out each piece of armor as we discussed abstract ideas like truth, peace and righteousness. I felt like our morning Bible study had gone really well and we had had some fun digging into the word. So, at the end of the time, with the picture of the knight still up on my computer screen I asked if my daughter had anything else to add. Yep, she did have one question. I leaned forward eager to hear my little girl’s question and share with her some great spiritual insight. “So,” she asked, pointing to the picture, “did this guy really fight a dragon or something?”

Ah, the Biblical musings of a soon-to-be-six year old. Indiana Jones Jesus leads his dragon fighting warriors on the greatest crusade of all.


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2 responses to “Inside the Mind of a Five Year Old Bible Reader

  1. That is funny! I love the views of children! I can see Jesus as Indiana Jones. I like your blog. What age did you start doing your bible study together? I want my daughter Joslyn to have a good habit of quiet time. did you start with a childrens bible?

    • Hi, Teresa! Thanks for your comment. It’s always nice to know someone is reading. 🙂 From the time my oldest was born, I’ve always sung her lullabies that were either hymns or praise songs and have prayed over her or with her most nights at bedtime. Those traditions have also continued with my son. I wish I could tell you we have been very faithful to do a bible study or quiet time with her for a long time, but we have actually been fairly hit or miss with that. Recently I started trying to make a morning Bible reading part of our routine. I just read a little bit with her out of something I think she can understand and we talk about it. Since she is only five (six in two weeks), our readings together are usually pretty short. Yesterday we read out of Joshua. We just read a few verses from the beginning of Chapter 1 and talked mostly about Moses since it begins with his death. We recapped what she knows from our reading of the stories of Moses and she told me some of the stories she remembered like that his Momma put him in a basket to save his life, he saw a burning bush, etc. – things that intrigue a five year old! There are so many great stories in the Bible that it is fun to start there. She got her first Bible for her fifth birthday, but it is not really a children’s Bible. It is a NIrV, so a little easier to understand than an NIV. She and her brother also see that Mom and Dad read out of the Bible together, so they understand the importance of it.

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