It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (Or not yet…)

AdventThere is a raging debate going on right now on my Facebook feed. Okay, maybe not such a hot debate as much as a bit of a strange dichotomy. On one side there are those who are disappointed and fed up with the retail madness as they see it. They want a bit of time to bask in the afterglow of Halloween and some time to lead in to Thanksgiving. On the other side there are those who have already put up their Christmas decorations and are loudly blasting “Silent Night” out of their car windows everywhere they drive. I don’t mind telling you that I fall squarely…

in the middle! For a long time, I adamantly refused to acknowledge the coming of Christmas until after my birthday in early December. My mom usually didn’t decorate until after my birthday in order to make sure that those in attendance at my birthday party did not become confused about the reason for the season just yet. 😉

But, more recently (let’s face it – ever since the birth of my daughter six years ago) I have gotten more and more into the Christmas spirit at earlier and earlier times in the year. One thing that spurs me into a more Christmasy mood a bit earlier each year is this crazy feeling I have that seconds are becoming shorter and shorter with the passage of each one. I am certain that a day now is not nearly as long as a day was 20 years ago.

So, every year, I have this feeling that if I don’t spend as much time as I possibly can just basking in the glow of the cool-weather-Christmasy mood that it will suddenly be over just as it has begun and I will only be left with those mid-January blues. That is until I wake up the next day and it is the fourth of July.

So what about you? On which side of this great debate do you fall? Are you ready for Christmas or do you just wish we could at least get through Thanksgiving already???


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3 responses to “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (Or not yet…)

  1. Sarah

    I fall into the middle. I feel that we are skipping the THANKSgiving portion of this time of year and are being tossed into Christmas right after Halloween (if not before depending on what supermarket you fequent). I feel focusing on the Thanksgiving portion is the most important and can keep us ground during the “Give Me, Give Me” and the “I Want, I Want” of what the contemporary Christmas tends to lead to. and coming from a family that celebrates one birthday on Halloween and another on Christmas with various other sprinkled in between……This being said “Pass the turkey, Hold the tinsel!

  2. Very interesting question indeed. A number of years ago someone told me that 90% of the income generated for most major retail stores in the US takes place in one month of the year. Yes, of course that is December.
    While I don’t know for sure if the figure is true I do know from my own experience as a retail store owner that if it isn’t true it is close.

    The other thing I know is that most business owners want to satisfy their customers. They have no desire to offend their customer base. So if there were a true public outcry against the practice of preseason displays it would stop.


    My parents were able to provide a Christmas celebration for our family in the one month from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Their parents did all the decorating, cooking, gift making and wrapping in one week.

    I swing between tradition and highly weird in regards to participating in the Christmas season. Yet, for me the tradition instilled by my parents finds me most satisfied if the starting gate to all the Christmas excitement begins the day after Thanksgiving.

  3. I like the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving to enjoy fall. I love the fallen leafs, the smell of fireplaces getting cranked up for the winter. I delight in all the colors and the decorations of fall from October through November. But…I have always been one who puts up my Christmas Tree the day AFTER Thanksgiving. Fall is over… Christmas has begun! Christmas Day comes: we have a fabulous breakfast of hot chocolates and donuts we open gifts and enjoy! But as soon as the gifts are open… down comes the Christmas Tree. I’m done.

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