Random Thoughts

Laying next to my daughter tonight, holding her and helping her calm down after a day filled with excitement, my mind raced. My head was filled with what my mom calls popcorn thoughts. I just wanted to note a few and share them here.

The first thing that made me smile was something that happened right after I lay down next to her. After reading a bedtime story to her and her brother, I crawled into her bed and tucked her in and held her and asked how she felt about her fun day. She and her Nana had hosted a tea party here at our home today and we had loads of fun. After she excitedly told me how much fun she had had with all of her friends, she then decided to make my heart burst. She said, “I loved the tea, Mama. Can we do it again sometime, just the two of us?” Oh, man. All the years I watched my mom and Gramma live together and be such close and good friends and all of the years that my own Mama and I have spent as best friends – well, I’m so grateful for their example! 🙂

The next thing that I thought of, as my mind raced by the face of my amazing Gramma was the fact that when I picked up my crochet tonight my hand told me that the weather is changing. My Gramma always used to say that her joints were much better than the weatherman at predicting such.

Last, but not least, my mind was brought around to a picture from earlier this evening. My son had run away from where he was supposed to be playing in his room, calming down and run out to where he found my dad sitting. When I ran out to where they were and found him sitting there in my Dad’s lap, showing him how to work his new little teaching clock, I couldn’t help but stop and just watch them together. The sight of the two of them sitting there was so incredibly precious that I am struggling now for the words to describe the feelings.

Tonight as I lay there, next to my beautiful girl and nearby my adorable little boy, laying next to his handsome father, I thought of how amazingly blessed I am. God is so good.



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6 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Sarah

    I really enjoyed this glimpse into your thoughts tonight. I’ve had alot of time on my hands lately to look back and think of all the things that I have learned from loved ones that I use everyday. One thing that really hit me hard was while making my great grandmas choc pudding I noticed that I didn’t use measuring implements that is normally do and I had to sit down and cry. When I spent the summer with her the year I turned 15 I was in awe that she never used measuring cups or spoons , I remember stoping her to pour the ingredient into a cup or spoon so I could document it for our family recipe book. She fondly looked at me and said “Silly girl, there will come a day you won’t need that book or a spoon!” I never would have fathomed. I promptly turned and hit my head on a open cabinet door and knew she was with me in spirit (her bad habit wa leavig them open

    • Sarah – ah, yes. I know those moments. The moments when something small and completely unexpected just about brings you to your knees. I take comfort in the fact that I know it’s just a short time until I get to see so many of these loved ones again! And LOL about the cabinet. Hello, Great-Grandma! 🙂

  2. Loving this post! Just some of the random memories that flow through our heads are treasures that we want to hold on to. Cuddle times with my little one are few and far between right now as she is a toddler who loves to run and hates to slow down, but small sweet moments are so precious and wonderful that I hold onto them.

  3. What a beautiful moment in time… I want so badly to pause and enjoy those moments in my own life. I do, but I don’t enough. Maybe I’ll go have a tea party with my daughter…

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