Why I’m Not a Sean Hannity Fan

Liberal and ConservativeI often post on Facebook my thoughts on the political news of the day and any one of my friends over there can tell you that I am about as conservative as they come. Some of them might call me a right-wing nut job. (In love of course! Ask my long time friend, Andrea.) But, I will defend the right of every other one of my friends to post their own political posts all day long. And I absolutely can’t stand Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity or any other of their ilk who lower themselves to name calling and ridiculous crap-throwing just to stir the pot.

From the time I was very young right up into when I was an adult my grandparents lived in the same house as myself and my parents. The reasons are numerous and they are better saved for another blog, but suffice it to say that the arrangement, though sometimes hard on all the parties, was actually good for all five of us in many ways.

My dad and my grandfather were, for all intents and purposes, best friends. They enjoyed the same games, much of the same music, many of the same pastimes and they shared the same morals and values.

My grandfather, a card carrying member of the Carpenter’s Union, was a died-in-the-wool, straight ticket voting, liberal democrat until the day that he died. My dad followed Ronnie Reagan right out of the democratic party and to this day lives on a steady diet of Rush Limbaugh. He probably needs his daily dose of Rush just as much as he needs his several packs of cigarettes a day. And, I feel that his smoking and my grandfather’s voting were probably about equally destructive to my health when I was young and living in the same house as the two of them. (Excuse me for a moment while I remove my tongue from my cheek. Okay, back to the blog.)

What I am trying to say is that I grew up in a home surrounded by a literal ton of love – okay, actually it was a figurative ton because love can’t be measured by the actual ton, but you get my drift. And I know that despite their chasm of difference when it came to political viewpoint, my Grampa and my Dad both loved God and family more than anything. I know because I lived it that it is entirely possible for two men who couldn’t be more politically opposed to live in the same house, love each other greatly, and agree on the most important topic of all – God’s gracious love for All.

Their legacy is part of why I feel the freedom to express my opinion here and over on Facebook without fear of what others might say and it is also the big reason I won’t stand for anyone calling any of my awesome friends, liberal or otherwise, anything other than awesome!


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One response to “Why I’m Not a Sean Hannity Fan

  1. Ah I see we are alike in the fact that our grandparents political views differed from our own. My grandmother and family used to be so politically opinionated about their views that I refused to vote for awhile, for fear of rejection or starting a fight in the family. Now I am a happy independent who votes for whomever I choose and tells no one!

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