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Why I’m Not a Sean Hannity Fan

Liberal and ConservativeI often post on Facebook my thoughts on the political news of the day and any one of my friends over there can tell you that I am about as conservative as they come. Some of them might call me a right-wing nut job. (In love of course! Ask my long time friend, Andrea.) But, I will defend the right of every other one of my friends to post their own political posts all day long. And I absolutely can’t stand Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity or any other of their ilk who lower themselves to name calling and ridiculous crap-throwing just to stir the pot.

From the time I was very young right up into when I was an adult my grandparents lived in the same house as myself and my parents. The reasons are numerous and they are better saved for another blog, but suffice it to say that the arrangement, though sometimes hard on all the parties, was actually good for all five of us in many ways.

My dad and my grandfather were, for all intents and purposes, best friends. They enjoyed the same games, much of the same music, many of the same pastimes and they shared the same morals and values.

My grandfather, a card carrying member of the Carpenter’s Union, was a died-in-the-wool, straight ticket voting, liberal democrat until the day that he died. My dad followed Ronnie Reagan right out of the democratic party and to this day lives on a steady diet of Rush Limbaugh. He probably needs his daily dose of Rush just as much as he needs his several packs of cigarettes a day. And, I feel that his smoking and my grandfather’s voting were probably about equally destructive to my health when I was young and living in the same house as the two of them. (Excuse me for a moment while I remove my tongue from my cheek. Okay, back to the blog.) Continue reading


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Random Thoughts

Laying next to my daughter tonight, holding her and helping her calm down after a day filled with excitement, my mind raced. My head was filled with what my mom calls popcorn thoughts. I just wanted to note a few and share them here.

The first thing that made me smile was something that happened right after I lay down next to her. After reading a bedtime story to her and her brother, I crawled into her bed and tucked her in and held her and asked how she felt about her fun day. She and her Nana had hosted a tea party here at our home today and we had loads of fun. After she excitedly told me how much fun she had had with all of her friends, she then decided to make my heart burst. She said, “I loved the tea, Mama. Can we do it again sometime, just the two of us?” Oh, man. All the years I watched my mom and Gramma live together and be such close and good friends and all of the years that my own Mama and I have spent as best friends – well, I’m so grateful for their example! 🙂

The next thing that I thought of, as my mind raced by the face of my amazing Gramma was the fact that when I picked up my crochet tonight my hand told me that the weather is changing. My Gramma always used to say that her joints were much better than the weatherman at predicting such.

Last, but not least, Continue reading


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Got Support?

Some of my homeschool mom friendsI’ve been a member of a couple of online communities of homeschoolers for about a year now and one recurring theme I hear spoken of in the forums is the lack of support felt by homeschooling families. As the daughter of a couple who began homeschooling when it was still fairly unheard of, I have seen firsthand how tough it can be to step out into the unknown and defy the words of both friends and family.

I don’t feel the same pressures or fear the same unknowns that my parents did. My husband and I agree completely about our homeschooling philosophy. My parents are 100% on board with our decision (obviously,) my husband’s family are supportive and believe in our heartfelt care for our children enough to set aside any doubts they may have. That alone is very freeing and uplifting. Knowing that you have the support and understanding of those closest to you is so important. My heart aches when I read on certain forums of moms who want to homeschool, but don’t have the support of their husbands. Or families who have made the decision and stepped out in faith only to be slammed by their immediate family members.

That is one reason why I am a big advocate of finding a local group of homeschoolers with whom you can connect and on whom you can lean. Many of them have been in the same boat as you when they first made their decision. Continue reading

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What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

NativityThere is very little I love more than a good family tradition. And I really love it when my two year old recognizes one. We decided to make backyard S’mores today so off traipsed the Woodsman and the two munchkins. They headed to our little local store to pick up marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey’s bars. Recognizing the ingredients, the clerk asked them if S’mores were in the works. The two year old replied, “We goin’ campin’!” At just two years of age, he already associates S’mores with our family camping experiences.

My six year old is at that great age where she is really beginning to identify with our family’s unique character. I love it when she recognizes something that is meaningful to us and correctly interprets it. For instance, she has been told stories of my childhood nickname – Continue reading


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Before she turned 2. Playing peek-a-boo.

It is hard to believe that my oldest child will be six years old in just 73 days. Hard to believe so much time has passed so quickly. On the other hand, her level of maturity and her size often lead people to believe that she is a couple of years older than she is. In fact, I’m almost sure that the cashier at the buffet where we ate a few weekends ago thought we might be lying about her age in order to get the cheaper kids price since it goes up at age six. She didn’t say anything when we told her our daughter’s age, but she did hesitate before continuing to ring us up.

Although I definitely believe that each child is individual and you should never pigeonhole them, I am also of the opinion that the order of your birth does influence the way in which you view and respond to the world. For years my mom and I have laughingly pointed out first born children in public. Continue reading


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Yes, I Am An Unschooler

The other day a friend and fellow homeschooling mom asked me if I had mentioned that our family unschooled our children. “Yes, we do,” I told her.

“And, did you also say that you were homeschooled?” she asked.

“Yep, that’s true, too,” I smiled, aware of what her next question would be.

True to what I thought, she asked, “Were you unschooled?”

As a thirty-one year old mom of two young children, I often face a lot of bewildered looks when I state that I am an autodidactic unschooler who plans to raise her children to be the same.

Many in our local homeschooling group give me strange looks or simply change the subject when I mention that we unschool. One even laughed and said, “Oh, so you can help plan a lot of things because you never teach at all!” I don’t think she was joking. There is a lot of confusion out there amongst traditional homeschooling families as to what exactly happens in the home of…GASP…unschoolers.

Unschoolers! Aren’t those the folks that give us all a rotten name? The parents whose kids get kicked out of school for something and who then let their kids sit and watch soap operas and MTV all day while they eat processed cheese product on tortilla chips and three Hershey bars a day?

Many people see the word unschooling in this negative, passive light. But, for those of us who actually call ourselves unschoolers (I doubt the mom of the child described above would ever have heard of the word unschool,) the word is in fact positive and active.

To truly unschool you can’t sit back and relax; you have to get in and begin to know your children on a very fundamental level. Continue reading


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